OFFIDEA Lead Holder Set

  • HIGH QUALITY 2.0MM MECHANICAL PENCIL – Six-sided polymer pencil tipped with fine brass finishes provides comfortable and light (13g), well-balanced feel. Perfect for your creative graphite art.
  • IDEAL CLUTCH PENCIL FOR DRAWING AND SKETCHING – This technical pencil with thick 2mm leads is great for bolder lines and shading. Its durable design makes it well suited for woodworking and even for young future artists.
  • 12PCS HB AND 4B GRAPHITE LEAD REFILL PACKS – High value set. Like getting 25pcs wooden pencils in one professional lead holder – pencil comes already filled with one HB lead!
  • LEAD SHARPENER AND PREMIUM SOFT ERASER – Use the sharpener to draw the thinnest possible lines. Dust free eraser completes the set.
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK – That’s our unconditional guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we promise to offer you a prompt and full refund or ship you a replacement, so you can buy with peace of mind.

Set includes:

Graphite 2.0 mechanical pencil, 12-piece HB graphite lead refills, 12-piece 4B graphite lead refills, eraser, and 2mm lead sharpener.


For serious drawing and sketching

  • 6.25 inch long pencil with hexagonal barrel design, weight 0.46oz.
  • 2.0mm thick lead makes pencil feel sturdy.
  • Internal clutch mechanism holds lead firmly in place.

Build-in graphite indicator and sharpener

  • The Lead holder is equipped with rotating graphite grading scale.
  • Integrated lead pointer in the push button.

Includes 2mm lead sharpener and premium eraser

  • Use the 2mm lead sharpener to draw the thinnest possible lines.
  • Dust free eraser completes the set.

Ideal lead holder set for professionals and enthusiasts

  • Drawing, sketch and graphic artwork, especially for bolder lines and shading.
  • Woodworking, using as the carpenter’s pen.
  • Architecture, engineering, and drafting.
  • Student, craftsman, draftsman, engineer, architect.
  • School as an alternative if you like to use thicker than regular 0.7mm mechanical pencil.
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